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New Build

Building new commercial roofs of all types and designs, Neil Horton Roofing successfully works for specifiers, architects and main contractors.  Using the latest roofing technologies in tiling, cladding or waterproof single ply membranes, ourtrained, authorised and experienced team installs roofs to your highest expectations.

Your roofing renewed with materials of highest quality and performance

Whatever your roofing requirements, you can be sure of our unrivalled expertise, excellent service and an outstanding quality and variety of materials.  We work with you to build roofs for all commercial properties:

  • Flat and sloping roofs – fully waterproof membranes made with highest-tech materials
  • Clay, concrete and slate tiles – replaced to match your existing tiles
  • Lead roofs – repairs made to traditional roofs on any type of building
  • Cladding – colour-matched, bespoke and mechanically-fixed
  • Balconies, Terraces and Walkways – fully renovated and restored to the highest quality with anti-slip materials and colours to suit you

  • Irrespective of the size of the contract, we provide you withhigh quality roofing systems, the most advanced technologies and designs to suit every need.  Working with contractors to build roofs on factories, retail parks, schools, healthcare buildings and houses, we always provide exceptional standards on all types of roof installations and traditional roofing services.

    Unique roofing solutions 

    Neil Horton Roofing are fully trained specialist installers of Marley tiles, Icoplal Monarplan, Decra Tiles, Firestone RubberGard EPDM, Firestone UltraPly TPO, Triflex and ZinCo roof systems.  When it comes to the renewal of roofs, we can replace them with any type, style, design, material or colour required - with minimal disruption to you, your business or your building project.