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Flat Roofs

For your home’s flat roof or balcony, the latest technological roofing systems with high performance criteria are always used by Neil Horton Roofing. Whatever the material - steel, felt, liquid coating or single ply membrane – we supply roofing systems for your every low slope roof and flat roof application need.

Steel, felt and single-ply membrane flat roofs

Neil Horton Roofing provides you with a choice of roofing systems, specialist installation and innovative, high performance watertight solutions for your flat roof requirements:

  • Completely watertight – finishing for your flat or sloping roof
  • Quick and easy installation – with fewer or no seams 
  • Superior weather ability and durability – unmatched resistance to ozone and UV radiation
  • High flexibility and elongation – accommodate temperature fluctuations and building movements
  • Low life-cycle cost – little or no maintenance and easy repair
  • Innovative designs and colour options – to suit you and your home

  • Meeting modern building standards, all our flat and sloping roofs and balconies are installed by fully trained and licensed experts, and with the highest quality flat roofing systems.

    High quality low slope and flat roofs

    Neil Horton Roofing provides high quality flat roofs and balconies for you, with fewer or no seams, superior weather ability, flexibility, durability and in a number of colours.  All our work is fully guaranteed, and our customer care is second to none.