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New Build

Building new roofs of all types and designs, Neil Horton Roofing successfully works for you and for your new home roof and balcony.  With a choice of roofing systems to meet the demands of your architect, your home and its location, our trained and experienced team delivers to the needs of your project – and your highest expectations. 

Your roof built with materials of highest quality and performance

We build roofs for all residential properties, including blocks of flats, town houses and extensions. Offering maximum design possibilities, you have the choice of a wide range of colours and finish options.  You can be sure that your domestic roof or balcony will benefit from

  • Professionally installation – to exceptional standards
  • Superior weather ability and durability – environmentally friendly systems
  • High flexibility – accommodates temperature fluctuations and building movements
  • Low life-cycle cost – Little/no maintenance and easy repair
  • Aesthetics – fully matched to your home and your expectations

  • Irrespective of the size of your new home’s roof or balcony, we provide you with high quality roofing systems and the most advanced technologies and designs to suit every need. 

    Unique roofing solutions 

    Our fully qualified team uses only the most advanced roofing systems and techniques.  Along with the highest quality roofing materials used for your new home’s roofing, you are assured of performance without compromise, unrivalled installation expertise and excellent service.