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Green Sedum

Enhancing the ecological, financial and technical performance of your flat roof, Green (Sedum), or Living Roofs, absorb rainwater, lower urban air temperatures and create a habitat for wildlife.

Fully trained and certified installers of Green Roof Systems

Fully authorised and trained to install a number of Green Roof Systems, you can be sure of Neil Horton Roofing’s attention to detail, quality workmanship and high technologically-advanced materials. Becoming part of the landscape, Green Roofs

  • Reduce the urban heat island effect – preventing the reflection of heat into the surrounding atmosphere, and the transpiration of plants result in cooling the atmosphere around them
  • Reduce energy costs – excellent insulation properties
  • Provide storm water management – water retention and increased evaporation
  • Provide new habitats for plants and animals – with a natural habitat
  • Provide improved air quality – Filter dusts and pollutants and convert CO2 into oxygen
  • Reduce noise pollution – from outside the building

  • Triflex, Icopal, Firestone RubberGard and ZinCoGreen Roof Systems

    Neil Horton Roofing provides you with environmentally-friendly Living Roofs, with the highest quality materials to meet your requirements and budget.  Providing you with a choice of systems to suit your structure, you can be sure of compatibility of materials, waterproofing and surfacing with minimal disruption to you, your home or your business.