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Solar PV

As certified Solar PV fitters, Neil Horton Roofing provides you with renewable energy solutions for you.  Generating cheap, green electricity from sunlight on even the dullest of days, eligible solar panel electricity systems could help you to:

  • Cut your electricity bills – with your electricity-generating technology
  • Benefit from the Government’s Feed-In Tariff – and sell electricity back to the grid
  • Receive money from your energy supplier – even for the electricity you use yourself
  • Cut your carbon footprint – with green, renewable energy

  • Neil Horton Roofing for renowned expertise and quality

    Neil Horton Roofing provides you with specialist installation and innovative, high performance watertight solutions to all energy-efficient ply roofing system requirements. Meeting modern building standards, all our roofing systems are installed by fully trained and licensed experts.  Contact us for more information!