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Whether you are a specified, architect or main contractor, Neil Horton Roofing is your leading specialist for installing cold liquid applied waterproofing, surfacing and protection solutions supplied by Triflex. Triflex offer you a range of sophisticated, cold liquid applied, fast curing waterproofing and surfacing systems to deal with all flat and sloping roof, walkway, balcony and terrace applications.

Triflex roofing system provides:

  • Waterproofing – performance without compromise
  • Surfacing - Seamless systems to deal with the vast majority of roof, roof detail and repair waterproofing applications
  • Protection - with high levels of technical performance, all weak spots are eliminated for a totally homogenous, seamless waterproofing solutions
  • Colour and finish options – an exceptional range of technical excellence, including coloured anti-skid, chips, granules and tiles
  • Safety – Not involving the use of gas torches, gas burners for bitumen boilers, hot air guns and hot gas guns, installation of the cold-applied solution is safer for you.  The odourless and solvent-free range of products is used in highly odour-sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and nurseries. 
  • Repairs – Triflex can be applied to almost any roof, or existing membrane installed on the roof, with the overlay of failed single ply membranes/coatings a speciality.
  • Environmental friendliness – Meeting with ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, Triflex systems combine premium products with consideration for the environment through the use of renewable raw materials.

  • Triflex Green roofs

    Triflex Living Roofs are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a significant number of environmental benefits: they absorb rainwater, lower urban air temperatures and create a habitat for wildlife. They enhance the ecological, financial and technical performance of the roof.

    Using superior, innovative materials and our unrivalled expertise and experience, you cannot go wrong with Neil Horton Roofing!